Girls To The Front: Bikini Kill Return

It’s 1990 Olympia, Washington State—just outside of Seattle. Having just returned from a bout of public destruction, two drunken friends crash in a cheap motel. One passes out. The other, with tomfoolery still coursing through her veins, breaks out a red marker and writes above her co-conspirator—“Kurt smells like teen spirit”.

One would go on to coin the phrase, becoming the biggest band of the 90s—the other, a voice of fem-punk opposition. Through clenched fist and a middle finger raised firmly in the air, her band Bikini Kill would pioneer the Riot Grrrl movement—its ethos based in punk ideologies and feminist consciousness. Although their music didn’t reach the atmospheric heights of fellow Seattleites, Kathleen Hanna and Bikini Kill sparked a female agency that transcends genre and generation.

Having just announced three shows—Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles (April 25th, Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn (May 31st) and Terminal 5, New York (June 1st)—they’ll be the first since the group called it quits in 1997. The lineup will include Kathleen Hanna on vox, Tobi Vail on drums and bassist Kathi Wilcox, along with guitarist Erica Dawn Lyle who replaces guitarist Billy Karren.

With a discography that includes seminal releases like Pussy Whipped and Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah you can pretty much guarantee a night chock full of “Fuck yeah!” moments.

So, rub your lucky charms, spin around twice then once the other way—whatever your superstition. Let’s pray that they make it down under. And if they do, just make sure you know where to stand.

Now that sounds like the kind of reunion tour we want to be on!