Ariana Grande Fans Say, “Thank U, Next” To Trump’s Misogynistic Reign

 Ariana Grande’s lyrics; they’re catchy, sometimes they rhyme, but more importantly: they inspire.


One of the only “good” things that has come out of Donald Trump’s time as President of the United States has been the annual Women’s March that begun following his election. I can’t be the only one that looks forward to seeing all the men, women and children marching on the streets of America; passion and fear animated in their eyes.

Let’s not forget about the posters, oh the genius posters! The images of posters made by marchers that circulate social media in the days following the march are a true testament to the ingenious creativity of pissed-off civilians.

This year’s Women’s March saw some pretty clever posters, although one common theme seemed to be the use of lyrics from a few of Ariana Grande’s hit singles. Grande posted a few of the posters from the March on her own Twitter and Instagram account, clearly proud of her fans dedication.

I can’t blame these protestors for thank u, next-ing their way through Trump’s presidency and letting him they have a serious problem with his misogyny, racism, and homophobia. As a massive Grande fan myself, I’d like to stand in solidarity with my fellow dangerous women, because the light is coming and I can definitely imagine a world without a hot-Cheeto dusted man pulling the political reigns for the US.

Personally, my favourite poster was a play on Grande’s latest single 7 Rings that read: “You like my rights? Gee thanks, I want them.” Absolutely genius.

Take a look for yourself to witness the power of activists with a flair for pop music and let us know which of the posters is your favourite!