Vegan Fashion Has Arrived and It’s Spreading Like Wildfire

It’s time to bust out the fruit bowl; Vegan Fashion Week just happened and the details are juicer than you might think.

The Vaute Couture show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Photo Credit: Joshua Katcher/ The Daily Mail

From February 1-4, the Los Angeles event launched in LA’s Natural History Museum. Invited guests gasped and surely revelled in the event aimed to empower and support a global congruent of conscious humans and brands.

The more conscious our society is becoming, the more vegan products have begun to rise. The notion of veganism as a diet, or simply another way of eating, has been eradicated. Becoming vegan is a lifestyle choice – it entails beans on our plate and milk left in udders; the skin creams we put on our face and even the clothes we wear.

An event like this is only the beginning of what has slowly been seen spreading from our plates onto market shelves. Animal rights activist and creative director Emmanuelle Rienda was the brains behind the beauty of this event, producing and curating it as a, “Tribute to the animals & an ode to the end of animal exploitation in all forms.” As designer pieces (animal-free of course) make their way onto the runway, this activism through fashion will no doubt increase awareness of the already booming vegan industry.

Though it may seem like vegan fashion just sprung up overnight, I can assure you it’s been a budding process. Seventy percent of the global population is reportedly ditching the meat wagon leading many in favour of adopting the plant-based lifestyle. Now that many celebrities have served their take on animal cruelty and the world of a fruit and salad lifestyle, we’re seeing the local market stalls sustainable fashion fares delve deeper than just a trend.

Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Silverstone and Miley Cyrus may be known as vegans but there’s more celebs jumping on board in all areas and you need to know who.

A woman of many titles, entrepreneur Kat Von D has a #SHOPVEGAN line of cruelty-free vegan makeup. Also on the list: Hiraeth, founded in partner with Rooney Mara is an ethical clothing brand with items being completely leather, wool, fur and silk-free. A creative collective of forward thinkers, Hiraeth shares the conscious values Vegan Fashion Week was designed to entail.

Hiraeth shoot. Photo Credit: Hiraeth

But don’t think you must spend a hefty dollar to broaden your wardrobe with these lines of clothing. Just the other week I was at my local Illawarra seaside market and up popped a chic looking skirt and shirt duo, unknown to me at the time it was both vegan and sustainable.

So, whether you’re up to date with the world of veganism or if your evening meal involves a glass of milk and meat with 2 veg; or an almond milk tea with pumpkin soup, let it be known that veganism is spreading. Vegan fashion is here and I’m jumping on the band wagon.

Let us know your favourite vegan and sustainable fashion brand in the comments.