Internet Memes Bringing Communities Together

Culture-specific Facebook meme pages, allowing you to express your frustration to people who know exactly how you feel.

Being from a south-Asian Muslim family, it isn’t likely that my friends would understand half the things that go on in my life. From family functions, to traditional food, to the creative swear words my mother blesses me with daily, there are many things in my everyday life that only my own community would understand.

Image source: Facebook via Subtle Curry Traits

So y’all have no idea how good it feels when I see a meme catered to my own specific culture that is just so damn accurate. Such accurate representation of a particular culture through something as entertaining as internet memes has led to Facebook meme groups becoming the new big craze.

I have to be honest, I don’t really find myself going on Facebook too often anymore. I feel like it’s become an outlet more so for parents now where my dad can have political debates and my mum can watch irritating cat videos.

Our generation is more of an Instagram or Twitter fanatic however, there is one thing that keeps Facebook alive for us millennials – and that is memes.

Recently, these memes have been accumulated onto specific Facebook groups where members all share the same culture or background.

What started off as a fun outlet to find out who else’s family is as embarrassing as yours, has blown up into a pages with thousands and even million members.

Image source: Facebook via Subtle Curry Traits

“Subtle Asian Traits” began not too long ago and already has 1.1 million members who share, and view memes posted daily… hell, posted minute by minute with that many followers.

“Subtle Curry Traits” is another popular one that focuses on the mayhem that goes on in Indian or Pakistani people’s lives and one that I can relate to immensely. Although not Indian myself, this page has made me realise how similar some cultures can be.

The activity on these pages are through the roof with posts receiving thousands of likes and countless comments tagging their family and friends.

These groups have allowed millennials to connect with people of their cultures from around the world through a common language shared by our generation – memes.

Are you a member of any meme groups? Let us know your favourite in the comments below.