A Fashionable Tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Half Century of Music

Fleetwood Mac are heading Down Under. Bohemia hysterics are encircling, lyrics of passion begin to bite our ears and a great nostalgia is most probably sweeping into our homes at this moment.  

Fleetwood Mac 2018-2019 tour logo. Photo Credit: Jambase

Announcing their end of year Australian tour dates to celebrate 50 years of (let’s throw the title out early) Iconic music, a new tour will bring about a collection of 50 songs namely – 50 Years – Don’t Stop.

My expectations are high for classic hits like “Everywhere”, “Rhiannon” and “Songbird”, the latter being my personal favourite within the collection. 50 Years – Don’t Stop will explore the entirety of the bands history and feature the greatest essentials and hits from every studio album.

I can already see it; an image of people in their bathrooms caking on the waterproof mascara so their makeup won’t run when Stevie Nicks uses her “smoky, soothing voice” to belt out one of their most iconic songs, “Landslide”.

But, before that happens, I’ve got you covered with a need to know basis of what I feel are necessities in the fleet of information on the Who, What, Where and Wear for old fans and new fans alike.

Originally a blues band – in 1967 Fleetwood Mac consisted of Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Jeremy Spencer. In ’68 Danny Kirwan jumped on board and Christine McVie soon thereafter in 1970. Following this in the early 70s, the guitarists up and left with replacements filled by vocalist Dave Walker and guitarists Bob Welch and Bob Weston. As Walker and Bob squared left soon after, late 1974 came and with a move to Los Angeles, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the band. Fleetwood Mac’s once blues became an Anglo-American rock band.

Stevie Nicks 1983. Photo Credit: Huffpost

The former British ensemble’s success garnered after its hit single in ’68, “Albatross”. But, they didn’t truly begin to flourish until the innovation of Buckingham and Nicks, and the self-titled album of 1975 Fleetwood Mac. After the success of their first album since the arrival of the pair, the band followed with a second album – Rumours.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours. Original artwork photography by Herbert Worthington. Gif Credit: 12inchmotion

Rumours seems suggestive of times resonating with the groups on again off again bout of breakups and relationship flurry between Nicks, Buckingham and the McVie’s. The historic titles in the album, “Dreams”, “Go Your Own Way” and “You Make Loving Fun” embody the soul inducing configuration of lyric, rhythm and vocal chemistry.

Adding to that, the solid structure that branded them iconic and not just a statement of pure sound was the dynamic wardrobe led by who I would say is the queen of Boho chic; Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks. Photo Credit: A Splash of Vanilla

With her enthusiasm for fashion protruding the surface of her image, Nicks’ style was the epitome of billowy sleeves, effortless sophistication and “18 pounds of chiffon and lace and velvet”, being something we all need in our lives.

Fashion aside, laying away the triumph and tribulation of success and heartbreak within Fleetwood’s music and relationships, the invitation of headlining act for the 1993 Inaugural Ball for Bill Clinton was enough to bring the band back together (as fleeting of a moment as it was) to perform their song and the theme song of his campaign “Don’t Stop” – a 1977 hit.

After that reminiscent rekindling, I feel the following statement just fitting for acknowledging why the moment they came together to sing “Don’t Stop” meant so much to so many people.

A 1977 article by Rolling Stone praised McVie and Nicks, positioning them as the primary pioneers of the groups pop rock sound flawlessly fitting for the era. The article in fact stated, “Fleetwood Mac’s music has evolved into a sophisticated pop and rock sound that’s just right for the Seventies”.

Listening to music has been known to trigger memories, so just imagine for a moment that the memory of an entire decade of your life can be brought back to you through one single song by a band depicted as creating a sound that perfectly fits that era of your life. It’d be like being thrown back in time. That’s why each time Fleetwood Mac comes back together to perform hysteria enfolds.

Hitting the nail on the head with the successful global prediction of Fleetwood Mac’s status through hit after hit and headline recognition; it was evident Fleetwood Mac would eventually be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – which happened in 1998.

It’s not just their music that’s had an impact on people throughout their career but Nicks’ iconic style too. The look of a top hat and free flowing dresses cascading over knee high boots is one that she owned (metaphorically speaking) and the prominence of her style that’s made waves in fashion since 1974 is impacting the likes fashion still.

In 2003, following a 16-year hiatus, Fleetwood, McVie, Buckingham and Nicks released the studio album Say You Will. Fifteen years later it was announced that Buckingham had been fired from Fleetwood Mac in early 2018. Bringing us to the present day where, wait for it… Fleetwood Mac have announced their Australian tour dates for 2019 and I am pumped. What’s even more exciting – four dates in Sydney. August 15th, 17th, 27th and 29th they’ll be performing at Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney.

Are you into the Boho trend or passionate about one of Fleetwood Mac’s iconic songs? Let us know in the comments.