A$AP Rocky and Shawn Mendes Star in Sizzling New Calvin Klein Campaign

Calvin Klein has kicked off their Spring ’19 campaign with some of the hottest (and I do mean hottest) personalities of today’s youth. Featuring Shawn Mendes, Kendall Jenner, Noah Centineo and A$AP Rocky, the campaign is labeled Our Now: #MyCalvins and has a heavy focus on “the quintessential romance of youth”.

A$AP Rocky for Calvin Klein Photo by Glen Luchford

Shot by British photographer, Glen Luchford, against the “backdrop of dreamy suburbia”, the campaign intends to capture the youth of today, showcasing the playful, sexual and distinct experiences of young people whilst delivering their new collections. It’s no surprise that to do so, Calvin Klein recruited a few of the world’s most famous 20-somethings, with Shawn Mendes and Noah Centineo making their debuts for the brand alongside Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky returning for yet another #MyCalvins campaign.

The new collection features Calvin Klein’s new Statement 1981 underwear, as seen on the all-star cast, presenting a boldly graphic waistband that is an ode to the iconic heritage of Calvin Klein and their founding year.

With youth as the front and centre theme for the Our Now campaign, each star had their own take on youth itself and what it means to be young, with Noah Centineo stating, ‘”I think youth is a thing, regardless of age, that looks at the world, that looks at a scenario, and flips it on its head and goes, ‘that might not be right. How can we do that better?’” A$AP Rocky, too, spoke about youth as a mentality rather than an age, “I think that youth can be the beginning stage of any part of life whether it’s a new career, a new chapter, a new album.”

Adopting a digital approach for this campaign, the minute-long video to the tune of New Order’s 1992 hit “True Faith” already has over 30 000 views on YouTube within less than 24 hours of its release. But there’s no question as to why, with the shirtless Shawn Mendes posting a teaser for the campaign on his Instagram earlier this week, resulting in the most-liked and commented on post on his page. With a consumer-centric marketing strategy in mind, there was no doubt that releasing such an on trend cast, showcasing a lot of skin – as well as the new collection of course – would not generate a huge amount of word-of-mouth promotion. The Internet has since reacted accordingly, everyone more than satisfied with a shirtless Mendes eating a bowl of cereal, let alone the reveal of the rest of the all-star cast adorned in Calvin Klein’s latest collection.

So, what catches your eye more, Calvin Klein’s latest collection or Shawn Mendes’ abs? Let us know in the comments below!