Game of Thrones Final Season: Anticipation and Predictions

The latest Game of Thrones trailer dropped a mere few hours ago, and already the internet is a buzz.

The eighth and final season is now only five weeks away and the anticipation is becoming almost unbearable. With a series as unpredictable as this, who knows what will happen? Who will live? Who will die a gruesome death? Who will take the Iron Throne once and for all? With a fandom this big, the conspiracies, bets and debates will undoubtedly be breaking records come April 14th. Not only has the show become the most action-packed series in television but has also been breaking records.

It has catapulted its young cast to global fame and has dominated the awards scene, including the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. The final season will contain only six episodes, with some standing at an eighty-minute run time. It has garnered a higher IMDb rating than The Sopranos, The Wire, Friends, The Twilight Zone and Stranger Things and has an overall Rotten Tomatoes rating of ninety-four percent

The series has become notorious for its shocking twists and turns, deaths of main characters and of course, the worst wedding ever. It has proven itself to have no bounds, including, but not limited to, rape, torture, incest, more backstabbing (both literal and figuratively) than Australian politics and just so much murder.

Now, here at FIB the discussion has already begun on what the finale of this TV epic will entail. Here are our predictions for the grand finale of Game of Thrones:

In the pro-incest corner:

Paul: “Jon Snow and Daenerys defeat the Night King and fly off into the sunset on Drogon, Tyrion remains Hand of the King, Cersei is slain by Jaime, the Stark’s go home to Winterfell. But, as it’s not a fairytale, there is a chance none of that happens and the White Walkers kill everyone. And the seven Kingdoms become zombified.”

In the Jon Snow corner:

Jess: “Jon, or one of the other siblings, will be turned into a White Walker; that’s why Arya is running in the trailer. She’s never been that scared of anything.”

Guy: “Final scene. Zoom up on destroyed throne and wistful Jon Snow at a window. End with all characters, Star Wars style, with Cersei’s head on a pike, dead characters and alive standing side-by-side.”

In the “everyone will die” corner:

Kealie: “ALOT of death, like all main characters. Sansa needs a moment of glory.

Myself: “Danny and Cersei (still holding a goblet of wine) will end in a fight to the death. Basically, everyone will die. Tyrion and Jaime Lannister may survive, as well as Sansa and Arya Stark. Jon Snow (if he survives) will remain to know nothing.”

And in the most researched corner:

Sam: “Since it is supposed to be the battle of Ice and Fire, the final battle will be between Cersei and Danny, if they are to represent ice and fire. Jon will take the Iron Throne but destroys it. Danny will not be Queen. Through time travel, Bran will turn the Mad King mad, and warn the Mad King of the White Walkers. Also, Bran is the Night King,  which is why he hasn’t killed Jon Snow.”

Photo Credit: Giphy/HBO

After discussions in the office, and reading through Twitter for the past hour, the predictions are endless. It is anyone’s game and the stage is set for one of the biggest finales in television history.

Grab the tissues, grab your fellow fanatics and prepare yourself for April 14th, because winter is coming for the final time!

What’s your prediction for the final season? Let us know in the comments below.