A Round Up of Street Style Looks from Fashion Month

Fashion month has once again drawn to a close. Another season filled with incredible designs by incredible designers, but fashion month wouldn’t be what is it without the fashions worn by the show attendees.

Photo Credit: Maven46

The wonderful thing about street style is the ability to stand out from the crowd and wear something that represents the individual. These styles draw inspiration from current trends but put an individualised, stylised twist to it.

Oversized outerwear, whether they were bright colours or more neutral toned, were a big trend during the autumn/ winter fashion month. Plaid also reared its head in an interesting way by stepping away from more traditional styles and neutral colours, the pattern, that can often be stuffy and outdated, was showcased in colourful ways. Mixed patterns, co-ordinated colours and monochromatic outfits filled the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris, proving that ultimately, fashion is what you make of it.

FIB have collated our top nine street style looks from each city that hosted fashion month. Take a look: 

New York Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

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