Ten of Karl Lagerfeld’s Extraordinary Chanel Show Sets

Extravagant. Bizarre. Wonderful. Breathtaking. These are just a few words that can describe the fashion show sets Chanel created to work alongside its seasonal collections.

Chanel’s went above and beyond when it came to designing sets for fashion week around the globe. Year after year audiences were in awe of the masterpieces that were created by Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

FIB have compiled our top ten sets from Chanel fashion shows.

Chanel Couture Spring/Summer 2008

Photo Credit: Alain Benainous/Gamma-Rapho

Nuits d’Été- The Grand Palais was home to a giant tweed jacket for a few hours. The tweed jacket, which is unanimous with classic Chanel style, was there to remind the fashion world that Chanel is one brand that is here to stay.

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2014

Photo Credit: Olivier Saillant

The Grand Palais was transformed into a supermarket to showcase the Lagerfeld’s autumn/ winter women’s collection. The models walked down the aisles, passing around boxes of cereal and cans of food.

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2015

Photo Credit: Getty / PATRICK KOVARIK

The Brasserie Gabrielle- this set was created with the vision of “France from a stranger who thinks France is not that bad.”

Chanel Spring/Summer 2015

Designed to look like a typical Parisian street, this runway was the stage for a feminist-themed protest.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2016

Photo Credit: Getty / Rindoff/Le Segretain

This fashion show replicated what we all do at the airport. Sit and watch as organised chaos unfolds around us. Models milled around an airport setting, showcasing luxury luggage sets and the reimagined tracksuit (ahem, pant suit).

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2017

Photo Credit: Indigital

The Grand Palais was transformed once again; this time with a rocket. The space theme exceeded just the invitations as this space came alive.

Chanel Resort 2018

Chanel took on Ancient Greece for its resort collection in 2018. The audience sat beneath a crumbling column. Details were so precise that there was even rosemary and sage “growing” in between the stones.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2018

Photo Credit: Olivier Saillant

Models showcased their looks by walking on a boardwalk, underneath waterfalls.

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2018

Does anything else scream fall/ autumn like bare trees and a ground covered in leaves? Chanel obviously doesn’t think so.

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2019

Photo Credit: Marco Torri

Karl Lagerfeld’s last Chanel vision, brought to life. This current Chanel season was showcased amid a backdrop of a French mountain chalet from the 70s.

 It was tough to choose just ten! Would you have chosen differently? Let us know your favourite set designed by Chanel in the comments below.