John Pearson / Blue Steel/ The Rise of the Male Supermodel

John Pearson is a modelling icon with a successful career that has spanned over 30 years. He was deemed the worldʼs first ever “Male supermodel” by the UKʼs Sunday Times.

In the last half-decade alone, Pearson has worked his Blue Steel in the pages of Vogue Italia and Interview, flaunted salt-and-pepper hair in youth-driven indie mags like VMAN, Hercules and Arena Homme +, and put teenage waifs to shame on the Prada runway.

Whatʼs the recipe for a male Supermodel? A dash of charm, five percent body fat and shredded muscles, a boatload of raw sex appeal, and a decent sprinkle of really good luck.

The ensemble cast of Blue Steel have that something special that has allowed them to stand toe to toe in an industry dominated by the Glamazons of the opposite sex. They are trailblazers and trendsetters. They have both set and broken records for their sex in the business. Most of whom fell into the industry quite by accident, they’ve left some deep imprints along the way, altering the perception of male beauty standards.

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Written by: Paul G Roberts, Aikita Jarrah and Zoe Burrell
Imogen Clyde-Smith
Claudia Barkil