It’s Time To Start Mentally Preparing Yourself for Season 6 of The 100

With less than a month until The CW’s The 100 is back, you have more than enough time to prepare yourself for the unknown world it’s about to explore. 

The trailer for the new season was released just a few days ago and boy, oh boy, are we in for a treat. With new characters (hello J. R Bourne) and a new planet, The 100 is like we’ve never seen it before. From grounders and Mount Weather, to the end of the world (times three, I guess) and Eliguis, the newly-formed Wonkru (plus Spacekru, Eliguis and I guess Clarke-and-Madi-kru) are back with an adventure that looks to be bigger than ever.

It’s no exaggeration that the end of season five left us heartbroken (RIP Monty and Harper) but more excited than ever to see what this show has in store for us. Book One has officially ended and Book Two is just beginning. With rumours that season six will be the series’ second last, we can expect to see action packed episode after action packed episode as the character’s hope to make their new planet home.

Not much has been revealed about the upcoming season besides the knowledge that the inhabitants of the new planet, Sanctum, are peaceful – upon first glance. Surprise, surprise though! When has anything on The 100 remained peaceful? With Monty and Harper’s advice at the forefront of their minds to be the good guys this time around, Wonkru and Eliguis step into Sanctum with no idea what they’re about to encounter.

The 100 Season 6 poster. Photo Credit: The CW

Showrunner, Jason Rothenberg revealed that the new planet is going to be as dangerous as the one everyone just left behind. The trailer revealed that Sanctum’s inhabitants are affected by an “eclipse-induced psychosis”, making them appear a bit crazier than when everyone first arrived.

“Eliguis III landed on Sanctum 236 years ago and thought they’d found paradise. And then, within day 21, when the first eclipse happened, bad things resulted,” said Rothenberg at Wondercon. “People were never supposed to be on Sanctum… because of the lifecycle of the planet, which is… every time those planets come into alignment, an eclipse-induced psychosis happens.”

With major The Hunger Games vibes going on in the trailer, The 100 has been given new life since the series started to get a bit repetitive and predictable last season.

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