The Bold Type Strides into Season 3

Friendship, fashion, boy drama and a Manhattan backdrop… No this is not Gossip Girl, or Sex and the City but it is a story of three friends working their way up through the ranks of the New York corporate ladder, all the while struggling with love, relationships and the rapidly changing social climate of the modern day.

The Bold Type

The Bold Type, starring Katie Stevens, Meghann Fahy and Australia’s own Aisha Dee (hello Saddle Club flashbacks), is… well just as the title indicates… bold! It is fun and sexy and, of course, jam-packed with incredible clothes. Despite its fashion-centric, boy-trouble themes, it also has a lot of heart and actually tackles a lot of big issues, such as gender discrimination, sexual assault and ethnic diversity. Its feminist undertones manage to raise many big issues surrounding the roles of men and women in the work place, without shoving it down your throat. The three protagonists are flawed 20-somethings, trying to figure everything out, in terms of work, relationships and where they fit in. These universal themes have evidently landed with a large audience, as season three of the show premiere’s in the US and Australia today!

Photo Credit: Freeform

Starting in 2016, on freeform, the show has gained rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. It has an average tomato-meter rating of 98% and it’s thoughtful, yet relevant plot has made it the centre of many millennials go-to binge favourite. In the social-media, keyboard warrior chaos of today’s society, The Bold Type takes on the precarious balancing act of love, sex, friendship and work life, all the while delivering wickedly sharp one-liners and iconic moments of girl power and bold expression.

As someone who discovered this show late and religiously scoured over the first two seasons within an embarrassingly limited amount of time, the wait for season three has been painful, to say the least. From the outset, the show set a fun, yet sincere tone, lining our three protagonists along a subway platform, screaming into the noise of a passing train. That release of tension and anxiety was a clear indication of just what audience were in for, and from there on in, it has never ceased to amaze.

Photo Credit: Freeform

When we last saw our gal-pals, they were struttin’ their stuff at a fashion gala and looking fierce in Paris. Kat was exiting a relationship, while Sutton was jumping straight back into one. Jane was left with a decision on which man she would choose (honestly if she doesn’t choose Ben, I’m gonna be real peeved) and Scarlet Magazine’s fearless leader, Jacqueline (Melora Hardin), was in the midst of a career crisis. Oh, the drama!

Photo Credit: Freeform

Now it’s time to grab the champagne and grab your besties, because season three is here and it is set to be a bombshell of a season, full of passion, romance, drama and certainly fierce friendship. Australian fans can catch the show on Stan, with a new episode dropping weekly, the same time as the US. Now, let the party begin!

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