Looking Back at Our Favourite Festival Street Style Looks

Music festivals provide fashionistas a platform to get as wacky as they want with their style choices. From sequins and crotchet to a plain white tee, festival street wear allows attendees to bring out their most creative and stylish sides.

Photo Credit: Tyler Joe

Festival’s are one place where you can ignore trends and basically wear what your heart desires. Besides being a space for music lovers to celebrate incredible artists, it’s also a place for everyone to be their most authentic self. From designer wear and boho vibes at Coachella Festival in the US, mud and wellies at Glastonbury Festival in the UK and the most outrageously amazing costumes at Secret Garden Festival in Oz, there’s no shortage of outfit envy and admiration.

Here’s our favourite festival street style from all around the globe.

We can’t wait to see what Coachella style master, Vanessa Hudgens, pulls off this year. What trends are you looking forward to this festival season?