Introducing “Blue Steel” – Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith reminds you of a young Bowie… maybe it’s the perfect rock star hair, or maybe it’s the eyes, the jawline, the billion-dollar smile, or the perfect skin. 

Lucky Blue Smith. Photo Credit: Laura Coulson

One look at him and you think, this guy is a star. And you’d be right. At the tender age of 20 Lucky Blue is the model, actor and musician who is “so hot right now”. Barely out of his teens, Lucky has the international fashion world at his feet.

Just like his famous female counterpart in modelling Kendall Jenner, Blue has elevated being a top fashion model into being something much greater. He’s transcended from model into a global mega influencer who is adored by his millions of followers and sought after by all the major luxury brands.

Lucky grew up in much more humble circumstances. Born into a Mormon family in Utah, and first scouted at the tender age of 10, when he hadn’t yet grown into his buck teeth, it’s been a meteoric rise from there.

Recent technologies have forever changed the worlds of fashion and modelling, as now digital platforms like Instagram offer instant access and a global scale of influence, and Lucky has surfed this wave well.

Lucky Blue Smith. Image Source: Mr. Mag

Lucky Blue is the poster boy for the Instagram generation, and whilst he didn’t begin his career with the platform, he has quickly mastered the use of it. Models who have massive social followings are not just thoroughbred clothes horses, they come as fully packaged media phenomena.

At the time of writing, the current highest earning male model is Sean O’Pry who has 669k followers on Instagram. Lucky Blue has over 3 million.

Growing up in the fashion industry, modelling since he was only 12 and spending his sweet sixteenth walking the runways of Paris, New York, London and Milan, you can say that Lucky Blue is very much so just that, lucky. Now, entering his twenties, his 3.1 million followers are not only teenage girls but also powerhouse luxury fashion brands like Balmain and Versace.

Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain spoke highly of Lucky before his Paris Fashion Week show, “I’m so proud to have Lucky in my show. I think Lucky is the new symbol of the new generation, the new fashion story, the new fashion business. He brings a bit of what was 90s top models before. I think he has this bit of pop culture that makes him really really strong, he communicates really well and he makes fashion way more interesting.”

Lucky Blue Smith for Moschino Menswear F/W 2016 London. Image Source: GraveRavens

The young model already has an impressive career, featuring on billboards for Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and Moncler alongside walking the runway for more big names including the likes of Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Chanel. By now you must be thinking is there anything this kid can’t do?

Not only is his modelling career lustrous, to say the least, Lucky Blue and his equally famous sisters also play in a band. The adorably family-oriented band, The Atomics, with their edgy rock sound, had their hearts set on music before modelling – it just so happened that the latter simply just took off first. Alongside his modelling and music careers, Lucky Blue has ticked “triple threat” off his to-do list because in 2016 he also starred in a movie, Love Everlasting.

Lucky Blue, however, rates his greatest personal achievement to date being a father to his one-year-old daughter, Gravity. “Oh man, it changed me in the craziest ways. It’s just made me more patient and understanding and put perspective…I don’t know, it’s just put life into perspective.”

So, with model, musician, actor, father, influencer and probably many more titles, there is no doubt that Lucky Blue Smith is the symbol for the modern male super model.