FIB Picks: Who Rules the Marvel Comics Universe?

With possibly the biggest film of all time premiering in only a few days, Avengers: Endgame fever has reached unfathomable heights.

In most recent updates, news of a video recording of the film circulating the internet has been doing the rounds. Well, I can assure you, we are going spoiler free at FIB and joining the #DontSpoilTheEndgame bandwagon. Instead, in celebration of the film’s release, we are giving our definitive office picks of the greatest Marvel superheroes and why they are the best of the MCU.

In the 1940s corner, we have Jess:

Captain America/ Steve Rogers

Photo Credit: Marvel/ Disney

It’s cliché and maybe he’s a bit boring compared to other superheroes but Captain America has always been my fave. Our first Avenger; our mate Steve Rogers just got the ball rolling. It may just be Chris Evan’s interpretation of the American hero but there’s just something about our Captain that has made him my favourite Marvel character. From the sickly little dude during World War II to the super soldier who ain’t aging anytime soon, Captain America is just the traditional superhero we were all originally obsessed with. I’m preparing myself for mass disappointment during Endgame but Cap, you’ve had a good run.

In the genius/ billionaire/ playboy/ philanthropist corner, we have Kealie:

Iron Man/ Tony Stark, no doubt about it.

Photo Credit: Marvel/ Disney

I mean, when I say Iron Man don’t get me wrong… the suit, the weapons systems, the flying, the way the whole suit covers him in a matter of seconds – how can you not love Iron Man?! But the real favourite has got to be Tony Stark himself. Yes, I know, they’re the same person, but man! That charisma, wit, humour, ever-growing care for the environment, fatherly vibes with lil Peter Parker – just ticks all my boxes. Iron Man 3 was probably one of the funniest movies of all time and it’s not even a comedy! Kudos Mr Stark, keeping doing you, and doing Iron Man.

In the nature-loving corner, we have Paul:


Photo Credit: Marvel/ Disney

Walking, talking tree-like being, Groot is the best friend anyone could ever desire in the big, wide galaxy. I like the fact that he is a tree like creature who ends up being reborn as a baby tree, who’s command of language consists of “I am Groot”, which can be translated to mean a multitude of things, as if stated in a full language format. Composed of matter resembling that of wood and possessing a fully functioning brain system, Groot can “grow” most anything he needs at any given time from his body, such as weapons for fighting, protective barriers for himself or others and even flowers to give to special someones. Beyond his immediate circle of friends, Groot gravitates to the downtrodden he encounters in his travels, especially children.

In the friendly neighbourhood corner, we have Clara:

Spider Man/Peter Parker

Photo Credit: Marvel/ Disney

An ordinary student, who lives with his aunt and uncle, obtains powers which produce an inflection point in his life. Protected by a secret identity, he fights crime in New York City with unexplainable powers, while, in the meantime, he modestly continues his life as an orphan boy, who works hard to help his family pay rent.

And in the clearly superior corner, we have me:

The Wasp/ Hope van Dyne (Pym)

Photo Credit: Marvel/ Disney

She has all the powers of Ant-man, plus she can fly, plus she is a super genius, plus she is played by the charismatic and very talented Evangeline Lily. Hope finally got her chance to shine in Ant-man and the Wasp and shine she did. The woman is seriously underrated and deserves a lot more credit. She is partly responsible for research into the quantum realm, which is rumoured to play a big part in Endgame, and she taught Ant-man how to fight/ control the Ant-man suit. She deserves some respect.

Who is your favourite Marvel character? Let us know in the comments below.