Anatomy of a Fashion Show: Akira

In preparation for this year’s MBFW, we’re throwing it back to last year’s Anatomy of a Fashion Series. Stay tuned for this year’s inside scoop of the big gala opening, PE Nation, Double Rainbouu and much more!

Akira is an anachronism in the world of high fashion. Unlike the other attention seeking peacocks and flamboyant provocateurs taking their bows on the world stage he remains shy, softly spoken and humble.

In fashion he is the ultimate outsider. He appears uninterested in trends, or the amount of followers he has on social media. Just an artist surrounded by fragments of beauty trying to piece them and the meaning of life together.

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Author, Concept & Film Director: Paul G Roberts
Interviewer: Paul G Roberts
Editor: Stefan Varvaressos-Abdi
Videographers: Belle Kerr, Sabine Antigua and Peter Betts
Narration: Charlie Hale
Sound recordist: Peter Betts