TEN PIECES MBFW Resort 2019 / Carol Mackie M.A.C Creative Director / Anatomy of a Fashion Show

In preparation for this year’s MBFW, we’re throwing it back to last year’s Anatomy of a Fashion Series. Stay tuned for this year’s inside scoop of the big gala opening, PE Nation, Double Rainbouu and much more!

Senior Artist Carol Mackie lives and works in her native Australia. Educated in England, where she studied literature and graphic design, and returning to Australia to study floristry, her career in makeup came after a long line of creative ventures.

Now, she enjoys the prestige of being one of Australia’s most sought-after practitioners but is humble enough to admit that she is still on a steep learning curve. Drawing inspiration from nature, culture, friends and travel, she relishes the new and prides herself on being open to different experiences.

Carol is a regular fixture backstage at the world’s premier Fashion Week’s and she travels to most fashion weeks: London, Milan, Paris and Sydney.

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Author, Concept & Film Director: Paul G Roberts
Interviewer: Paul G Roberts
Editor: Stefan Varvaressos-Abdi
Videographers: Belle Kerr, Sabine Antigua, Geraldine Nirschl, Peter Betts, Luis Trujillo
Narration: Charlie Hale
Sound recordist: Peter Betts