Herpes Outbreak at This Year’s Coachella Festival

A high number of people were diagnosed with herpes after attending one of California’s largest annual music festivals, Coachella.

Photo Credit: USA Today

Coachella is known worldwide for being the trending music festival of the month. It’s the trendy place where celebrities, supermodels and social media influencers, from all over the world, get together in the VIP sections to listen to the main artists of the moment.

This year, Coachella seemed to be more than dancing, selfies and celebrities because of a herpes outbreak that affected festival goers during both of the weekends it was on.

Last week, 114 people were diagnosed with treatment for herpes, the sexually transmitted disease, in Indio and Coachella Valley, according to HerpAlert reports.

During the first weekend of the festival, which started on Friday, April 12, 250 people were diagnosed with herpes.

Herpes is an infectious disease transmitted by contact. This virus cannot be eliminated but can be treated. By starting medication during the first 12 to 24 hours of infection, the virus can be crushed during its early stages.

There are seven types of herpes, but two “herpes simplex” viruses, which cause genital herpes and cold sores. The first one if HSV-1, which affects the mouth, nose, and back. The second one is HSV- 2, which affects the genitals and buttocks.

Coachella attendees sure received more than they bargained for at this year’s festival… Looks like Coachella better set up a cold sore cream booth next year.