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In preparation for this year’s upcoming MBFW, we present to you FIB Fashion Drop, featuring Ten Pieces. Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hinckfuss are the formidable duo behind Ten Pieces, an iconic Australian fashion label, that draws on the restaurateurs Italian Heritage and his partners design prowess.

Along with earlier collaborations with Ian Nessick back in 2011, the couple have since established their signature brand of lifestyle pieces that reflect their Bondi Base and holistic attitude towards food, fashion, music and culture.

In 2015, Lucy and Maurice landed on The Forbes list for the Top Ten Shows of Australian Fashion Week. The iconic Iceberg’s pool below Maurice’s world-famous restaurant was drained for the occasion. An impressive collection walked the lanes cementing the duo’s signature style for urban sportswear, punk overtones and androgynous separates, in relaxed silhouettes.

The interchangeability of their products goes to the ethos of TEN Pieces. There is less emphasis on gender and more on comfort, pieces can be layered or paired back to represent different attitudes that can take you from the street to the fashion elite. In 2016, Ten Pieces teamed up with The Woolmark Company to promote sustainability of natural resources in the fashion industry.

Fast forward to March 2018, Maurice and Lucy were preparing to reveal another successful collaboration with The Woolmark Company. A pop-up store appeared near Bondi’s iconic fashion strip, open to the public and industry for a limited time only. A peak behind the scenes revealed a converted industrial space where art meets design. From paint spattered walls, warm lighting and easy minimalism, it was the perfect platform for the latest drop.

The collection was a mix of cut and sew pieces and knitwear, their classic long tees, drop crotch pants and some tailored shirt dresses with frilled details associated with Lucy’s own signature style. The palette was muted khakis and neutral tones with pops of burnt orange, camo and striped prints. This collection had a real street feel with polish.

The accessories rang in this year’s edge – utilitarian bags and belts, slide thongs and caps and an oversized wool shawl emblazoned with nightlife slogans from Italy’s famous club Disco Sotto Sopra. UNITY, DISCO, STANDING ROOM ONLY; these are the hall marks of Italian sub-culture that underlie Maurice’s influence on the collection.


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Author: Jess Bregenhoj
Editor: Belle Kerr