Mercedes-Benz Sydney Fashion Week Resort 2019 Wrap

In preparation for this year’s MBFW, we’re throwing it back our wrap up on last year’s event . Stay tuned for this year’s inside scoop of the big gala opening, PE Nation, Double Rainbouu and much more!

Fashion Industry Broadcast decided to cover Sydney’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2018 by imbedding itself and its film team with the most notable labels about to show. We tracked their intimate journeys to the runway and were given the opportunity to share their processes and the highs and lows as the designers and their creative teams prepared for Fashion Week.

Have a look at the brands that made headlines this year.

  • Akira
  • Lee Mathews
  • Camilla and Marc
  • Romance Was Born
  • Still Still Studio
  • AM.GIA
  • 10 PIECES
  • Double Rainbouu

Over the last decade, many of Australia’s one-time fashion sensations have died off, folded or changed hands. Many had simply been unable to redefine their value propositions in a fast-changing retail landscape; a landscape where the click of a mouse or buttons of an iPhone give online shoppers ready access to a world of new options.

At the same time, a boatload of new international retailers entered Australia to compete for the retail pie. Simultaneously, local landlords were grappling with ways to increase their own returns from their tenants as “digital disruption” hit hard.

However, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom as on the flipside of that phenomenon was the international discovery and rise of Australian fashion talent, with a host of hot names like Zimmermann. Toni Maticevski, Josh Goot and Dion Lee decamping to New York and London (and more recently, Paris), where they’ve received international acclaim and cemented their local businesses with department store distribution contracts, investment deals, and flagship stores in the Australian capitals.

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