Gigi Hadid Is the Many Faces of Burberry’s First Monogram Collection

Burberry, under Riccardo Tisci’s creative wing, has released its first ever monogram collection for both men and women – and Gigi Hadid shows you how everyone can wear it.

Gigi Hadid for Burberry – Source: Burberry

After discovering a selection of monogram motifs in the Burberry Archives, Tisci was inspired: “It’s a symbol that not only embraces Burberry’s heritage but also feels very contemporary.” So, in collaboration with British art director icon, Peter Saville, the pair produced the new collection – a clear testament to Burberry’s founder, Thomas Burberry. The new monogram print interweaves the initials “TB” between a honey and red background, with nylon coats, silk trousers, t-shirts, socks, and even a yoga mat all sporting the re-invented logo.

Burberry’s New Monogram Collection – Source: Burberry

In his creative vision, Tisci imagines that there are four main players that make up the Burberry family: the lady, the gentleman, the girl and the boy. In this campaign, Gigi plays them all – and you bet she does it well. At first glance, the group shot looks like four different people but at a closer look they are indeed all Gigi. “She put so much energy and passion into the project and transformed from one character into the next with such seamless conviction,” Tisci explains. “That’s what makes Gigi one of the few girls who define this decade.”

Gigi herself was also more than excited to work with Tisci and the brand again, after making her Burberry debut walking the runway for the house’s AW19 collection. Playing the various characters so well, Gigi states that she “…connected with the concept because on different days I wake up feeling different; some days I wake up feeling ladylike, some days I want to wear men’s clothing, some days I feel sexy and expressive, and some days I wake up feeling like a tomboy.” I agree Gigi, but I doubt I can pull off tomboy as well as you.

As “the Lady,” Hadid is captured by the shoot’s photographer, Nick Knight wearing the monogram trench and carrying a matching tote bag. As “the Girl,” she is dressed in a bustier and fanny pack featuring the TB design, and for “the Gentleman” and “the Boy,” Hadid dons a bowler bag, jeans, a classic Burberry umbrella and a baseball hat. I can’t decide which is my favourite, but I do know that I need to get my hands on that bowler bag and luckily, I don’t have to wait too long.

The collection will be available to purchase in select Burberry stores and online from the beginning of June. What pieces will you get your hands on first?