Orange Is the New Black: The Final Season

Ah, 2019… The year of good shows coming to an end.

Surprise! The teaser trailer for the final season of Orange Is the New Black was released earlier this week. And boy, you have to pass the tissues.

The 80-odd second video gives nothing away – except for the fact that the show will be finishing up with its seventh season. OITNB does things a bit differently. Instead of hyping fans up for what the women in orange are going to get up too, they’re tugging at their heart strings instead.

Compared to the trailers for previous seasons, this one features a more behind-the-scenes look. The cast are featured, singing the iconic opening credit song as they go about getting ready for a day on set. Suzanne’s getting her hair done, Piper’s walking around like the newly free woman she is and Nicky’s reminiscing through the costume department. It’s a nice homage to what is a pretty full on show.

Mark your calendars – July 26 will be the beginning of the final season of Orange Is the New Black.

Netflix have also released a few stills from the upcoming season and so far, they’re the only clues we have for what this season holds.

Are you excited for season seven of Orange Is the New Black? Let us know in the comments.