Lady Gaga Launches Haus of Gaga Exhibition in Las Vegas

Meat dress, disco balls and wigs galore – that’s what’s in store at Lady Gaga’s Haus of Gaga exhibition that’s just opened up in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga, known for her outrageously amazing costumes, has opened her display to the public. The exhibition, located at Park MGM, coincides with her new Vegas residency. The exhibition will feature 40 iconic Gaga outfits and accessories.

Normally stored at the entertainer’s “archival” Los Angeles home, this will be the first time the public will have the opportunity to view the costumes that will go down in fashion history. The creative director of Haus of Gaga, Nicola Formichetti, is responsible for the high energy and unique space that reflects the items on display. The exhibition opened on May 30 and is free to those who visit. Visitors are encouraged to leave donations that will go to the Born This Way foundation instead.

From telephone headpiece to cigarette covered glasses and the very preserved meat dress, the exhibition features looks predominately from Gaga’s early days in the entertainment industry. Formichetti says the meat dress, which shocked audiences around the world when it was first displayed on the red carpet, is now like“a piece of jerky.” “It’s been dried and we’ve preserved it all this time, but it has another life now in this experience, all of these clothes do,” he says.

“To have all the outfits together, with the wigs, the makeup and shoes, everything, it’s pretty insane for us,” says Formichetti. “Gaga is never about the past. She’s always about moving forward. But we also want her fans to experience her legacy from the last 10 years.”

Formichetti hints that another exhibition is in the works to feature more of Gaga’s recent pieces.

The exhibition is open to the public from 12pm to 8pm daily and until 12am on Lady Gaga’s show days.

Let us know which iconic Gaga look you would love to see in the next Haus of Gaga exhibition!