Nike Collaborates With Female Designers Ahead of 2019 Women’s World Cup

Ambush’s Yoon Ahn, Koché’s Christelle Kocher, MadeMe’s Erin Magee and and LMVH prize winner Marine Serre revamp the humble football jersey ahead of the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Photo Credit: Nike

On Tuesday, Nike’s latest collaboration was introduced to the world. Yoon Ahn, Christelle Kocher, Erin Magee and Marine Serre were given the opportunity to design their own football jersey and matching sports bra.

“In sport, the jersey is a garment that at once supports and celebrates brilliant performance,” reads the press release from Nike. “For athletes, it serves a utilitarian purpose — the jersey is a tool for their crazy dream. For the fans, the jersey serves to support their favoured team and, ultimately, their community.”

Each designer had a different set of concepts in mind when creating their version of the reimagined iconic jersey. Meet the designers and hear the inspiration behind their design:

Yoon Ahn

Photo Credit: Nike

“My Nike x AMBUSH® jersey is a unisex hybrid football jersey inspired by the Happi coat, a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat,” says Ahn. “I chose the Happi coat because, although we are celebrating the tournament and the incredible female players, I believe it is just as important for the fans, for everyone to have a universal piece to celebrate in.”

Christelle Kocher

Photo Credit: Nike

“The idea was to give the feeling of movement and positive energy,” says Kocher. “I created this dress by reconstructing the soccer jersey around the female body. The result is a dress that can be worn by a girl who plays, dances, or moves in the city.”

Erin Magee

Photo Credit: Nike

“I wanted this jersey to be sport first, fashion second,” says Magee. “It’s meant to celebrate the incredible victorious history of the USWNT by drawing attention to the woman namesake of the iconic sportswear company itself: Nike the Goddess of Victory.”

Marine Serre

Photo Credit: Nike

“The focus of my designs is always hybridity and adapting to daily life. It’s important to create a purposeful line that makes a female feel good without compromising the style,” says Serre.

This collaboration will be available to purchase globally on June 7 from NikeLab doors and select retailers.

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