Miley Cyrus and Marc Jacobs Collaborate on A Hoodie for Planned Parenthood

One of the most considerable words being spoken around the globe at the moment is abortion… and it’s sadly in the spotlight for atrocious reasons. But in fighting the good fight, Miley Cyrus – like many people worldwide – is taking action and she’s doing so hand-in-hand with Marc Jacobs, Planned Parenthood and her own non-profit organisation, Happy Hippie Foundation.

Source: Instagram

The uproar comes after a number of states in the U.S. have been pushing for the ban on abortion under pretty much any circumstance – including rape or incest – with the only exceptions being if the mother’s life is in danger. This, alongside Northern Ireland’s issues, with its women having never had any autonomy over their own bodies, the world feels as if we’re once again living in the dark ages. So yeah, we’re pretty angry.

Many voices quickly took to the online (and real) streets to protest over the news of Alabama’s oppressive laws and activist queen Miley was one of them. This morning the singer posted an ode to the pro-choice movement in the form of a cake (by @TheSweetFeminist on Instagram) decorated with the words ‘Abortion IS Healthcare’, the caption of the post teasing at an upcoming collaboration.

Source: InstagramMiley didn’t keep us guessing for long as shortly after her cake post, she and Marc Jacobs took to their socials to launch their newly designed hoodie. A bright shade of pink and emblazoned with the words “Don’t Fuck with My Freedom” – a lyric taken from Miley’s new EP She Is Coming track “Mother’s Daughter” – the hoodie is all of our “fuck the patriarchy” dreams come true. And just to really stick it to the man, one hundred percent of the proceeds from the hoodie’s sales will go to U.S. reproductive healthcare organisation, Planned Parenthood, who has fought relentlessly against those who aim to strip women of their rights.

Source: Instagram

The hoodie is now available for pre-order on the Marc Jacobs website. If the hoodie isn’t quite your style but you would still like to help, you can always donate to Planned Parenthood here.