A Melancholic Ode To iTunes

The day has come where we have to say goodbye to iTunes. Will we get one more surprise U2 album before it’s gone?

Photo Credit: Slashgear

The freak out has begun, and all us avid iTunes and Apple users are left wondering what the heck is going on with iTunes. What will we do without it? Is there going to be an alternative? This is a real first-world crisis we’re having right now.

iTunes has been a core part of music entering the digital market. It has completely changed the game for music lovers; opting for cheaper options when buying music (hello to not having to buy an entire album for only those handful on songs you liked on it), and we no longer needed to rip off music from piracy sites such as Limewire, that sometimes spread a virus to our computers. It gave us a simple and clean program to store all our music. It also gave Apple another name for themselves other than that company that sold laptops.

However, you no longer need to hit the panic button on what will happen with our much-treasured and long-established music collection (because let’s be real, 18 years-worth of music is a lot of music to lose). Apple has released what the go is, and it has put our minds at ease. Will it make everything a whole lot easier for users in the future? Or will it put our heads into a tizzy?

Photo Credit: Apple

Well, we are in luck because this shift isn’t as bad as we built it up in our heads to be. In fact, it’s quite simple and has already been in use for some time with iPhone users. The new idea that Apple is presenting to us is that each product will have its own designated app. One for Music, one for Movies and TV Shows, and one for Podcasts.

Don’t worry it will save all your previous purchases and load them onto their own individual app, and of course, you’ll still be able to purchase those products on their own Apps. The idea is simple and doesn’t leave us all up in the air about what’s going to happen to our existing accounts.

For those of us who use Windows, you won’t experience this shift. Everything will stay the same, and of course, you can still buy iTunes Cards because they’ll still be valid.

Apple has decided to go with a much-needed rewrite of its product, even if that means shaking their users to the core with their new ways. I feel that this won’t be a hard transition, especially to those who are already familiar with the iPhone layout.

So now it’s time to lay to rest our much beloved iTunes and say hello to what Apple has in store for us.