Ten Pieces- MBFWA Sydney Resort 2020- A Special FIB Film Presentation

Behind the scenes with Ten Pieces. 

10 kilometers away from Carriageworks is the world famous Bondi Beach, perched high above the waves at the world famous Icebergs pool is where we celebrate the fifth official 10 PIECES show “Cosmic Runner”.

10 PIECES is the brainchild of dynamic Sydney couple Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hinckfuss. It’s a wonder they have the time considering their ‘day job’ is running a sprawling hospitality group that includes Icebergs Dining Room, Bondi Beach Public Bar, The Dolphin, Scout and Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta.

Despite these distractions, the couple have established their signature capsule based lifestyle brand that reflects their Bondi home and holistic attitude towards food, fashion, art, music and culture in just a few short years. Their young label captured the attention of the world in 2015 when they first drained the famous Icebergs pool and used its empty shell as their runway, landing the pair on The Forbes list for the Top Ten Shows of Australian Fashion Week.

An impressive collection walked the swimming lanes cementing the duo’s signature style for urban sportswear with its rock’n’roll/punk vibe, featuring relaxed silhouettes and androgynous separates. There is something quintessentially cool about Ten Pieces – which has to do not just with the clothes, but also the Bondi backdrop.

“Working on the collection from conception to presentation, it’s when the music comes in that it really feels fun and energetic,” explains creative director Lucy Hinkfuss. “You can actually see the clothes come alive in our backyard of Bondi.

Director: Paul G Roberts
Camera A: Peter Betts
Camera B: Belle Kerr
Camera C: Sabine Antigua
Original Cosmic Runner Song: Nicky Nightime
Sound and Editing: Rami Slayman
Colour Grading & Sound Mixing: Rami Slayman
Videography: Augustin Chauvet

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