Kim Kardashian Swiftly Responds to Backlash Over Shapewear Brand Name

Kim Kardashian has responded to a litany of backlash regarding her new shapewear brand that was formerly known as Kimono.

Kim Kardashian promo shoot for new shapewear brand.
Photo Credit: Vanessa Beecroft.

Kardashian originally stood by her name choice, stating that the trademarking would not act to restrict the use of the word by others, however, she has since decided to completely rename the brand. The head of the Kardashian clan announced today via Twitter that the name would be changed and re-announced shortly.


Screenshot of Kim Kardashian’s tweet announcing her decision to change the name of her new shapewear brand, Kimono.
Photo Credit: Twitter.


Kardashian had previously announced her shapewear collection on June 25th via Twitter, stating that it addressed an area of fashion that she had “been passionate about [for] 15 years.”

The comments on Kardashian’s post mostly consist of polite followers voicing their concerns over plans to trademark the word ‘kimono’ and appropriating Japanese culture, however, some commenters have called out the Kardashian family on “ripping off Black women for years,” implying that they are now moving on to yet another culture.

Kardashian’s response to the backlash highlights a compassion and focus on fans happiness and can only be commended as a positive and respectful decision.

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