Disney Release First Teaser Trailer For Mulan Live Action Remake

The official first teaser trailer for Disney’s live action Mulan has dropped.

Mulan’s 1998 Poster and 2020 Poster.
Photo Credit: IMDB and Disney.

Live action Disney remakes have been dropping consistently for the last couple months, such as Dumbo, which flopped, and then Aladdin, which prospered. Now the much-anticipated Lion King remake with Donald Glover is about to be released and in amongst the excitement, Disney have released the following teaser trailer for the remake of Mulan, staring Yifei Liu in the lead role.

This reboot has been a contentious issue among fans, with Disney having to release a statement defending their original spec script as just a “jumping off point” to Vulture when it was revealed that the male lead would be a European trader. This information had angered fans due to its inaccuracy in following the true story of Mulan, the implication that it was necessary to have a white lead in an Asian story and the idea that it took away from the feminist tones of the film to need a love interest at all.

Jeff Yang tweets about Disney’s need to include a love interest for Mulan.
Photo Credit: Twitter

This outcry resulted in Disney hiring two new writers and assuring fans that there would be an Asian male lead. This was all back in 2016, and now that the trailer has been released, it is clear that the film has leaned towards a more war-driven story-line. However, this isn’t without its own issues. The film has also dropped its much loved soundtrack and the character of Mushu, Mulan’s dragon spirit guide, decisions that have sparked both approval and dismay.

Ultimately, it’s only a teaser trailer, and, as such, it’s worth waiting for more trailers to be released. The actual film is set for release in 2020.

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