G-Star RAW Launch Sustainable Denim Collection “Dyed By Nature”

G-Star Raw have launched a new sustainably sourced and dyed collection of denim in conjunction with Archroma.

G Star Raw’s latest collection, Dyed By Nature.
Photo Credit: G Star Raw.

G-Star Raw have made headlines before with their push to balance both a sustainable and fashionable line of denim. They’re back again now with the release of their latest collection in sustainable denim.

Our mission is to create the denim classics of tomorrow through continuous innovation in design with respect for people & planet and in a transparent manner.

– G Star Raw Sustainable Product

The new collection, aptly named Dyed By Nature, utilises both their range of sustainable denim and a new dyeing process of upcycled saw palmetto leaf leftovers and beetroot waste. The result? A collection of striking deep pink and natural earthy greens, greys and navy denim, t-shirts and sweaters.

Earth tones of the Dyed By Nature collection.
Photo Credit: G Star RAW.

Denim is a silent killer in fashion’s impact on the environment, frequently ignored for more infamous materials, like fleece or fur. But those closet staple blue jeans you may be sporting right now were probably produced using an excess of water and leaving in their wake a myriad of harmful chemicals that enter our water ways and impact natural ecosystems and humans alike.

Cotton is the main component of denim and it is a major source of water use. To produce just one t-shirt and one pair of jeans, it’ll cost 20 thousand litres of water. This water is then mixed with the insecticides used to protect these crops, about 18% of worldwide insecticide use, making it non potable in nearby regions.

This is where G-Star Raw have changed the game.

G Star Raw’s Sustainable Denim breakdown.
Photo Credit: G Star RAW.

The use of organic cotton completely changes the outcome of the industry. Organic cotton is grown without the use of any extra chemicals, it is just water and natural protection, meaning that the water can be recycled and there is no risk of farmer death as the result of pesticide poisoning. Additionally, Raw have incorporated the use of their sustainable indigo dyes, known as EarthColours©, developed in conjunction with Archroma and in use since 2017.

The new collection is available in store and online now.