Don’t Underestimate The Power of The Instagram Influencer

The word influencer may be met with flippancy more often than not, but there is power in the title.

Influencer behind the scenes.
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If I were to sit down at a family dinner and announce to my family that I considered myself an influencer (I do not), I’d likely be met by scoffs and dismissive laughs. Maybe a raised eyebrow from grandparents who consider influencer to be synonymous with bikini selfies or gym booty shots on Instagram. But this outdated opinion of influencers as vapid or narcissistic doesn’t allow room for the idea that the pull that influencers have in today’s modern age is actually incredibly impressive.

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The issue most find with the idea of influencers is that their success has just been handed to them, or potentially worse, their success is based solely on looks and possessions. This opinion is understandable, and not altogether wrong. There are many influencers in the game that have gotten lucky, that have found themselves blowing up overnight from a cute selfie, or something more sinister, like jarring political opinions. But most did not begin like this.

Most influencers have put in work to their platform, carving themselves out as individuals amongst millions of accounts by catching on to and maintaining trends, entertaining their audiences and maintaining relevance. The difficulty of building a following in an era where everyone and their dog has an account cannot be under appreciated, and with this following comes power.

Statistics on influencers impact on marketing.
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The name itself defines the individual as one that has the ability to influence opinion or decision. Frequently, influencers will be called in to question and deemed ‘quasi-celebrities,’ but they are the opposite. They may not garner their fame through more traditional mediums, like television or film, and they may not be followed by paparazzi all day – after all, they are their own paparazzi. But the idea of a celebrity is a person who entertains, who attracts a legion of fans and who informs the decisions of these fans.


We actually believe influencers are more impactful than athletes and TV stars because they are more relatable and so their audience is more tapped in.

– Joe Gagliese, one of the co-founders of Viral Nation, to Vox


Influencer fame may not outlast age or the emergence of new social media platforms, but the underlying lesson cannot be undervalued. These individuals are learning how to get and keep attention in an age where seven second videos are one of the leading forms of entertainment. A feat in anyones’ eyes.

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