Viral Momo Scare Challenge To Be Made Into A Horror Movie

Momo Scare is the latest viral challenge to get its own movie.

The sculpture that inspired the Momo Scare challenge.
Photo Credit: Keisuke Aiso

The Momo Challenge went viral earlier this year. It was thought to be the beginnings of a viral challenge that would end with self harm and suicide. The challenge was eventually debunked but not before it ended in tragedy. Two teenagers suicides were linked to the Momo Challenge in 2018.

So far there isn’t much information surrounding the film. What we do know is that it will be produced by Orion Pictures in conjunction with Vertigo Entertainment. The latter is owned by It and It 2 producer, Roy Lee, so it’s safe to say we’re in good hands.

The challenge, based on a sculpture by Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso, involves texting ‘Momo’ on a messaging app such as WhatsApp. ‘Momo’ will respond with challenges that become more and more difficult and outlandish, often requesting photos of the challenges being completed as proof. If you stop responding or do not complete the daily challenge over the fifty days, ‘Momo’ will send you gory and disturbing messages and photos. Thankfully, the challenge did not go completely viral and was managed to be shut down quite quickly.

Momo sculpture and its creator, Keisuke Aiso.
Photo Credit: Ryusei Takahashi

The challenge incites memories of other dangerous viral challenges or characters. Slenderman, for example, which resulted in both harm and horror movie fodder. The sculpture itself is based on Japanese and Chinese folklore, known as ubume,  however it is believed that the film will follow the general idea of the viral challenge.

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