L Brand Commence Internal Investigation After Jeffrey Epstein Allegations

In the wake of multiple charges against Jeffrey Epstein, L Brand have begun their own probe in to his involvement within the company.

Jeffrey Epstein at his 2008 trial.
Photo Credit: AP

Allegations of Jeffrey Epstein presenting himself to be a recruiter for Victoria’s Secret have highlighted the need for L Brand to revisit rumours that had circulated in the 90s. Jeffrey Epstein is currently being indicted on multiple charges of sex trafficking following an infamously light sentencing in 2008.

In last week’s New York Times expose, model Alicia Arden describes Jeffrey Epstein inviting her back to his apartment as a part of the Victoria’s Secret recruitment process. He then attempted to undress her and stated that he wanted to manhandle her. Arden said that she fled in tears from the property.

Model Alicia Arden.
Photo Credit: Rozette Rago for the New York Times

Two senior executives have since come forward to say they were aware of Epstein’s posing as a Victoria’s Secret recruiter. They claim to have reported him directly to L Brand CEO, Leslie Wexner, at the time. Whether this resulted in any sort of action is unknown.

Jeffrey Epstein (left) and Leslie Wexner (right).
Photo Credit: Meaww

The expose also explored Epstein’s strange and seemingly co-dependent relationship Leslie Wexner. This relationship has raised concerns regarding the extent of the company’s involvement and led to the initiation of this probe.

Mr Epstein and Mr Wexner’s relationship dumbfounded both family and friends of Wexner. Epstein was dependent on Wexner’s riches and Wexner was dependent on Epstein’s… it’s hard to say. Epstein was a college dropout with no meaningful work experience to speak of, and yet, Wexner trusted him with almost all his finances. Epstein was never technically employed by L Brands as it stands. However, the reach of his influence is what is currently under investigation.

The relationship between the two men resembles that of an abusive partner. Old friends of Mr Wexner’s, such as Jim Duberstein, describe Wexner removing them from his life following disagreements between themselves and Epstein. Simultaneously, Wexner signed a three page power of attorney contract, giving Epstein extended power including hiring employees, signing checks, buying and selling real estate. It appears that this power allowed Epstein to build his own personal fortune.

Despite this hold Epstein appeared to have over Wexner, it appears the two have not had any sort of relationship in over a decade. Wexner cut ties with Epstein in 2008. This was 18 months after Epstein was charged with molestation and unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

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