Fashion Moguls Look To YouTube Stars For Cash

Clickbait content is the currency of the internet, and fashion moguls everywhere are only just realising this.

Photo Credit: L’Officiel Singapore

We’re left wondering; will Marc Jacobs desire to project an unfiltered social media persona actually work, or should the fashion industry give it a rest?

Many of us can recognise the distinguishable difference between YouTube personalities and the clickbait infused content they create, with the cleanly polished content produced by fashion brands and celebrities. Yet in a twist we probably should have seen coming; the two are joining forces to equate epic increases in cash flow.

It’s no secret that the way to win over millennial hearts is to relate to them, or show them extremely luxurious scenarios that they in no way can relate to but love to watch in envy and awe. Marc Jacobs and Naomi Campbell picked the latter.

Marc Jacobs video uploaded to his personal YouTube channel, ‘Marc Jacobs Learns How To Drive and Goes Shopping’ are the two very mundane and otherwise uninteresting activities. However, Marc Jacobs is doing it so you sure can bet I clicked on that video REAL fast.

His dry humour and extra-fab attire featuring an orange bucket hat, pink The Marc Jacobs sweatsuit, Adidas slides (with socks, obviously) and rose-tinted sunglasses had me giggling with glee despite the clear essence of tired dad-humour it exuded.  In about five minutes, Jacobs learns how to drive, goes to Home Depot, and contemplates buying a Porsche.

Why? Because mundane sells! Particularly when high-class fashion industry moguls are showing us their version of mundane.

Naomi Campbell’s video showing her airport routine had a similar energy, showcasing her sense of humour, unconcerned and nonchalant attitude, and all-round iconic persona. Between Campbell’s leisurely stroll through airport customs, and her detailed scrubbing of her airplane seat (first class) while wearing gloves, I began to wonder; who thought to film something as simple as this? More importantly, why am I so entertained?

The answer is that we find these videos entertaining because of the culture that social media has created for us, or perhaps that we created ourselves. We, as viewers, want a deep inside look into the lives of other individuals.

While YouTube has given us a platform to follow the lives of individuals like ourselves whereby relatability and the ‘I’m just like you’ mentality is drawn upon, Instagram and the fashion world alike offer access to the personal lives of celebrities. Which was previously unattainable.

What’s more, celebrities, fashion moguls, even brands are encouraged to create a distinct social media persona on one or all platforms. Purposefully seeking out the layman audience’s curiosity and intrigue because, ladies and gentlemen; this generates views.

And views, turn into cash.

The fashion industry historically has seemed like an untouchable, pristine industry filled with glamazons and genius designers. To some extent, this is still very true.

Yet, now the glamazons feature on Vogue’s YouTube channel to give you their skincare routine so your skin can mimic their radiant skin. Designers and CEO’s of companies such as Marc Jacobs want you to know they vape and wear sequins like they’re not about to stop traffic with the immense shimmer.

Fashion brands that we adore and can’t afford like Louis Vuitton are even sponsoring YouTube stars with a large following. Their most recent collaboration; Emma Chamberlain. I’ve got to be honest here guys, I still don’t understand how a girl that gained her following from thrift shopping, wearing the same unwashed shirt for 3 days, and scrunchies is ‘Louis Vuitton material’.

But hey, relatability sells. I guess her constant burping and coffee addiction is….relatable?

In any case, the revenue and outreach that YouTube and Instagram creates is undeniable. Just last year Instagram’s ad revenue more than doubled, hitting $9 billion in 2018.

I’d say turning fashion people into YouTube creators and to create distinct personas is a fiscally ingenious idea.

Icon Naomi Campbell knows this for sure. Which is why I’ll just be over here watching her go Whole Foods shopping.

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