Ruby Rose Hopes Her Lesbian Batwoman Appeals To Everyone

Ruby Rose has made a comeback as the new Batwoman.

Ruby Rose and Rachel Skarsten
Photo Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Not only is Rose undertaking the position of a lifetime by being part of the TV re-imagining of Batman, she isn’t going to be playing the female love interest! CW’s new Batwoman television series features Rose as Kate Kane, wealthy heiress ready to step up to the plate when Batman goes MIA.

Rose has stated that she hadn’t been completely sure about returning to the screen but upon realising that “it’s telling the story that I wish was on screen when I was a kid,” she was sold.

From the trailer (below), it appears that the TV show has stayed true to the comics with Kane’s back story of being expelled from military school upon being found to be in a lesbian relationship. She returns to Gotham, where she becomes fascinated by Batman and begins to train to forge her own way as a crime fighting hero.

Batwoman is the first openly lesbian superhero to date, but Rose wants to make it clear that that isn’t the focus of the show.

“We want everyone to watch this, especially young people, who can identify and relate to people they’re watching on the screen and hopefully be empowered by that,” said Ruby Rose.

This is an important aspect of the show to note as it highlights the ability of the film industry to diversify their character base without appearing gimmicky. In the past, drawing a focus to the sexuality of characters has backfired and acted to simply highlight a feeling of other. In a perfect world, characters and people alike would be able to exist within and separate from any labels of sexuality, gender, race etc.

Batwoman will premiere on CW on October 6th.

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