Peaches Hosts First Solo Art Exhibition

Our favourite gender-bending provocateur, Peaches, is putting on her first solo exhibition, ‘Whose Jizz Is This?’, an art show that centres around sentient sex toys.

Photo Credit: teachesofpeaches

On the twentieth anniversary of her stage debut, musician and artist Peaches is hosting her first ever solo art exhibition. ‘Whose Jizz Is This?’ is a transdisciplinary and transgressive approach to an art show.

Peaches’ musical productions and live performances are the starting point for the exhibition, presenting sculptural, film, photographic and text works in an immersive environment. The show combines performance, music, visual art and historical reflection.

‘Whose Jizz Is This?’ addresses sex, queerness, feminism, gender and politics in “a deconstructed musical in 14 scenes.”

Peaches stays true to her brand of queer sex-positivity. The heart of the exhibition are the “fleshies”, a group of living silicone sex toys that are breaking away from humans in a “quest to find sexual equality amongst themselves”.

Fleshie Freedom

The show is a speculative, absurdist, post-human story. It addresses many topical issues, including the always significant theme of consent. One of the show’s key pieces is a fountain featuring four fleshies squirting liquids into each other.

 “It’s consensual,” Peaches told The Guardian, “because it’s between them.”

The sex toys transform from objects into living creatures, prompting questions about the nature of human sexuality in the modern age.

Additionally, the pieces have an AI element to them. They are wired so that they are able to speak, sing, and even respond to Peaches’ voice. The fleshies are joined on stage by “13 musicians, ten performers and special guests, such as New York drag rapper, and long-time collaborator, CHRISTEENE, and London-based aerial performer Empress Stah”.

The exhibition is “quite disturbing, quite deep, if you think of all the elements involved – but a lot of fun too”.

All works included are newly created for this exhibition. Peaches is expanding the format of a typical art exhibition to create a “living organism”.

The show asks;  “What if the fleshies decided to rewrite their own narrative and realise they have all the equipment to satisfy themselves in a sexual way?”

The exhibition at Hamburg’s Kampnagel theatre coincides with a live show, ‘There’s Only One Peach with the Hole in the Middle’. The live performance consists of 40 performers and musicians.

The show will travel from Hamburg to London, Aarhus and Berlin.

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