Top 5 COLORS Shows To Add To Your Latest Playlist

If you aren’t watching COLORS, you’re missing out.

Photo Credit: COLORSXSTUDIOS Facebook page

COLORS is a musical channel on YouTube that is based on removing genres from music and encouraging more free form listening. Each artist, some new, some up and coming, some already superstars in their own right, performs a single in an empty room of a single colour. Just themselves, their instruments and a microphone.

The platform allows for the focus to remain on music and performance. Since finding the channel, my own music repertoire has widened two fold, Spotify playlists now filled with A COLORS SHOW versions of songs. To illuminate you to the magic of COLORS, I’ve gathered five of my favourite shows from their channel to give a sneak peek in to my favourite music channel. Like one? You’ll find plenty more on their YouTube and can stream them from their Spotify playlists.

  1. Greentea Peng – Downers

London based artist Greentea Peng performs an insanely addictive rendition of her single Downers, which released a month after her COLORS performance. Her raspy vocals mixed with a distinct beat make this one of my favourite COLORS shows which I’ve had on repeat for months since it was released in June.

  1. Doja Cat – Juicy

Doja Cat, a.k.a. Amala Zandile Diamini, released her first EP ‘Purrrr!’ at 19 years old and has been one to watch since. Her bubblegum coloured performance matches her light but strong beats and personality. After going viral for her strangely addictive Mooo! music video last year, I was so excited when she got her own COLORS show and was not disappointed.

  1. Chilly Gonzales – Nimbus

Changing up genres, number three for me has to be Chilly Gonzalez’ performance of his piece Nimbus. Gonzales, a.k.a. Jason Charles Beck, trained as a pianist at McGill University and has since released a myriad of pieces. Nimbus makes for both a beautiful study song and a generally tantalising listen, give all your attention or none you still won’t be able to ignore it’s haunting tune.

  1. Tom Misch – Man Like You (Patrick Watson Cover)

This COLORS show is what allowed me to discover Tom Misch‘s music and I am so thankful. This cover is in and of itself incredibly beautiful but that’s no surprise considering all of Misch’s music is. Misch started out releasing his own stuff on SoundCloud but recently started his own label Beyond the Groove. He released his first studio album, Geography, through this label last year.

  1. Joy Crookes – Mother May I Sleep With Danger?

Joy Crookes may the artist I’ve listened to the most since discovering her COLORS Show, which dropped just in time to follow her as she released two EPs and multiple stunning singles. Crookes is a London based pop artist who has managed to carve her own place in a saturated market with her striking deep voice and relatable lyrics.

Let us know which is your favourite COLORS show in the comments below!