Meet Kitten Heel: The Aussie Band You Need On Your Playlist

Relative newcomers, Kitten Heel, have just released a song with some serious toe-tapping goodness.

If you’re a fan of the cowbell and 80s music, or you just really need a break from the homogeneous pop music that’s been flooding our radio stations; then boy have we got a band for you.

Following the release of their debut single Peephole Gallery, Kitten Heel are graciously sharing a brand new single today that incorporates the edginess and 80s new wave attitude we’ve come to adore.

Kitten Heel is comprised of band members Jareth Leslie-Evans, Jourdain Vitiello, Mitch Fisher, Ellis Birkby, and Felix Smith.

The band started out with university acquaintances Jareth and Jourdain, who bonded over mutual musical influences and then spent three years defining Kitten Heel’s sound before dropping their first single.

While the band members are from Wollongong, you won’t be catching any hints of beachy sound in their tracks. Instead, Kitten Heel produce an intriguing fusion of 80s new wave sound with an interesting electronic quirk.

One reviewer even described their single Peephole Gallery as “a lo-fi swagger and a chorus that sticks.”

Band-member Jareth told HappyMag that physicality plays a huge role in the production of Kitten Heels tracks.

“We have a lot of percussion in our music. We’re big fans of it. Even the guitars act as percussive elements. We have a bunch of synths, all of which accompany us on stage. In production we prefer to use hardware and hands-on instruments, rather than soft synths. I guess the tangibility is appealing to us, the musicality of it all feels better as well.”

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kitten Heel, we hear a debut record is in the works. For now, we’ll be busy streaming Take Me With You while we wait.

Listen to Take Me With You on Spotify or Apple Music today, and be sure to check out their awesome music video on Youtube!

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