Sydney, Here Comes Banksy

The world’s largest Banksy exhibition will be showing at the Entertainment Quarter, but not without controversy.

Photo Credit: UK Street Art

The Art of Banksy is coming to Sydney, boasting 80 of the mysterious street artist’s masterpieces dated from 1997 to 2008. It is curated by Banksy’s former manager Steve Lazarides, and has been sourced from over 40 different private collections from all around the world.

Banksy’s best-known works will be featured, including ‘Rude Copper’ and ‘Girl with Balloon’, as well as lesser known pieces that until now have only been seen by a precious few. These range from canvasses, screenprints, and sculptures.

The exhibition will also feature behind-the-scenes photographs from Lazarides’ personal archive, giving visitors a unique look at the process behind a Banksy artwork. The exhibition has previously delighted audiences in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Toronto, and Miami.

Photo Credit: Yahoo

The exhibition is unofficial, displaying this fact in large red letters on their advertising, which has caused some controversy among the street art community that have criticized Lazarides for profiting off Banksy’s work.

Banksy’s art is overwhelmingly anti-establishment and anti-consumerist, with some saying that an exhibition like this undermines the very ethos of Banksy. One thing is for sure: like anything involving the enigmatic artist (remember Dismaland?) this exhibit is sure to draw crowds of supporters and haters.

The Art of Banksy will begin on Friday September 13. Tickets are $40 and can be bought here.