Disney Flexes Its Muscles With Viral Tweet

A playful tweet or an ominous message to its competitors? Disney reminds us of everything they have to offer in the upcoming streaming wars.

Photo Credit: Reddit

The countdown clock is on for Disney as they prepare to enter the dogfight that will be the streaming wars. With under 3 months until the launch of their polarising streaming service, they are beginning to pack up their products spread over different services. This was announced through a tweet on the Disney Twitter Page.

The Tweet read: “It’s moving day! Is everyone packed and ready to go to @DisneyPlus?”

This is where their brands stepped in, in a hilarious way.

These studios with huge social media backing were just the beginning, with other sub-studios and franchises chiming into the conversation. This includes Disney’s newest capture, The Simpsons, who were nabbed after the acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

This viral social media marking, had two objectives. Firstly, to remind the general public of Disney’s back catalogue. Secondly, to scare its competitors. Disney’s extensive catalogue will be something unprecedented in this upcoming war for streaming. Disney not only have all their original content that has been televised, they will be creating new content. This content not only includes new original ideas, but also shows and films in established universes.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has captured lightning in a bottle, with 23 films all avoiding critical financial failure. All of these films, will appear exclusively on Disney+. Along with this, Disney will also be creating original Marvel Shows for the platform. These shows, directly tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and are sure to win over subscribers. Disney also have every Star Wars film and show, with it all available on launch. With exclusive Star Wars shows on the way, their competitors have to be quaking.

Netflix are considered top dog in streaming, with constant unprecedented success. Their model has allowed creators to tell unique, original stories on a major platform. Along with this, Netflix were one of the first majoring streaming sites to be there for the first era of the streaming wars. This is the company’s biggest challenge since their launch, with subscriber count decreasing for the first time.

What can they do to win back subscribers? With the price of Netflix being more expensive than newcomers Disney, they may consider lowering their price. Netflix will need to keep producing content that differentiates them from Disney. With Game of Thrones show runners Benioff and Weiss on their way to Netflix, Netflix might hoping they can create the next pop culture phenomenon.

One thing that Netflix does have over Disney+ is R rated content. Disney announced at their biennial fan convention D23, that the studio would not put R rated content on their site. This could give Netflix the upper hand, with true crime shows being extremely popular at the moment. This untapped market could give Netflix a boost to compete with Disney+.

With Disney+ to launch on November 13, time will only tell if they are able to snap half of the streaming sites out of existence.

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