The Most Amazing Art Installations from Burning Man 2019

Another Burning Man has come and gone. Here are the most amazing art installations that the event had to offer this year!

Image Credit: Forbes

Taking place in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, Burning Man is a very different type of celebration. Tens of thousands of revellers join together in a collaborative effort every year to co-create a temporary art-centred metropolis. The annual event aims to create a unique community in the heart of the desert,

 “Burning Man is not a festival! It’s a city wherein almost everything that happens is created entirely by its citizens, who are active participants in the experience.”

The art theme for this year was Metamorphoses.

Here are the most spectacular art installations from the 2019 crop:

Monumental Mammoth –Tahoe Mack, Luis Varela-Rico, and Dana Albany

Photo Source: Artnet

Taho Mack teamed up with artists Luis Varela-Rico and Dana Albany to create this life-size sculpture out of found objects and scrap metal. The artwork was created to highlight the importance of conserving the state of Nevada’s Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument. It is a universal call to protect what the earth has given to humanity.


The Folly – Dave Keane

Photo Source: Artnet

Artist Dave Keane has been involved in many previous Burning Man art projects. This is the first year that he has designed his own. The interactive installation is based on the concept of the venue as a failed fishing town that turned to mining. The piece is mainly made from salvaged wood and features a shantytown of climbable buildings stacked up into the sky.


Stone 27 – Benjamin Langholz

Photo Source: Artnet

Another interactive work, this large sculptural structure features 1,000 pound stones suspended in mid-air. Participants are encouraged to climb 27 stone steps up above the ground, on a 20-foot-tall stairway that floats above the desert sands. Destructive energy harmonises with nature to elevate the physical and the mental into a place of presence.


I.L.Y – Dan Mountain

Photo Source: Artnet

I.L.Y is a 35-foot-tall sculpture of a human arm that is also animatronic! The arm and hand are operated using a series of springs, winches and cables. Burning Man devotees can manipulate its gestures. To top it all off, the recycled metal structure can also breathe fire. The work engages viewers and encourages collaboration.


Mariposita – Chris Carnabuci

Photo Source: Artnet


Mariposita, which means “little butterfly” represents the act of breaking through to a more meaningful existence. This artwork has very mystical vibes. Expressing themes of rebirth and transformation, Mariposita is a beautiful rendering of a 26-foot woman emerging from an egg. It aims to inspire awakenings and growth in those who experience it.


Skywhale – Blake Marcus, Chris Welch, Seven

Photo Source: Artnet

The Skywhale is a life-sized technicolour whale that flies over the desert, opening up the sky as a medium for art in its own right. The whale aims to show that there can be progress in healing and transforming the relationship between nature and humans. It embodies the metamorphosis of a sea creature into a dream that takes to the air.


The Man – David Best

Photo Source: Artnet

The namesake sculpture of the Burning Man gathering is always exciting to see! Artist David Best, known for his previous designs for the Temple, took over the role of building the central installation after the death of Burning Man founder Larry Harvey last year.

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