Cinematic TikToks Directed By Teens Are The New Wave

TikTok is taking the social media world by storm once again, with the birth of the new genre, ‘Cinematic TikToks.’

Screencap: TikTok Website

TikTok has become one of the most versatile social media apps today. With users pushing the creative boundaries and using it as an outlet to produce Tiktoks that are close to movie-like, the Cinematic TikTok genre was born.

Cinematic Tiktoks can have a straight-forward storyline or have no storyline at all but, they will always attempt to gain a reaction from the viewer.

These videos typically involve one individual acting out a full cast of characters, then filmed with different camera angles, edited with the right music and voila! we’ve got ourselves as they call it, a ‘cinematic masterpiece.’

The creative movement took off after TikTok user, @lastmanstanley posted videos in this style. Despite some being nonsensical and others making sense, they’re all accompanied by soundtracks by classical composers and surprisingly, it works.

These videos are becoming a wide-spread, dare I say, phenomenon on Facebook and Twitter. With users using the videos as memes, others are appreciating the videos in all their glory and making threads of their favourites. Sort of like a collection.

Cinematic TikToks are a reflection of how well-versed teens are in the world of media and pop culture. As teens have access to many resources, this allows them to find new ways to express themselves and create content easily.

With over 200k fans on the app, @lastmanstanley has inspired many users to create videos of the same style.

Film students, in particular, are taking to the app to flex their skills and gain some sort of recognition. However, there also people creating these videos for the hell of it.

This leaves us wondering about what the next TikTok trend will be and when cinematic tiktoks will be a thing of the past.

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