Taika Watiti’s Jojo Rabbit Looks Insane And We Cannot Wait!

Kiwi Director Taika Watiti has unveiled the full length trailer for his new film Jojo Rabbit and it looks insane.

The film follows a young boy named Jojo (Roman Griffith David) living in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Jojo blindly supports the Nazis and has an imaginary friend in Adolf Hitler (Taika Watiti). Jojo then panics when he learns his mother (Scarlett Johanson) has been hiding a Jewish Girl (Thomasin McKenzie) in their attic. Chaos suddenly begins to ensue.

Jojo Rabbit boasts an all-star cast, with Stephen Merchant, Rebel Wilson and Sam Rockwell all making an appearance in the trailer.

A crazy, bumbling version of Adolf Hitler? If that doesn’t sound crazy to you, then I don’t know what will. It might be off-putting to see Hitler on screen, but as Waititi put it, “what better way to insult Hitler than having him portrayed by a Polynesian Jew?

This is Taika’s first film following his success in the Marvel franchise with Thor Ragnarok. It seems as if Taika is willing to go back to his unique, low budget style of filmmaking for this film. Hopefully we see some more of the quirky humour that made What We Do in The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilder People instant classics.

Aussies will have to wait until December 26 to see it when it hits cinemas.

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