Glossier x BARK: Dog Toy Collaboration

Glossier has released the most adogable toys in collaboration with BARK and we’re living for it.

Photo Credit: Glossier x BARK

Cult favourite skincare and makeup brand, Glossier, has teamed up with BARK to make your pup’s IT Girl dreams come true.

The collab offers two squeaky plush toys that replicate the brands’ bestselling products, Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom. Renamed as Toy Brow ($10) and Balm Dogcom ($8), they are too cute to not buy and flex on the ‘gram.

The Toy Brow can open and split into two pieces – tube and wand; just like the real Boy Brow. The design is very similar wherein it comes in a white tube with the Glossier logo, a silver cap, and the wand has fuzzy white bristles.

Additionally, the Balm Dogcom also looks extremely similar to the actual product. It has the same text that you’d find on the real tube, like “Universal Skin Salve” and the weight measurements.

Photo Credit: Hypebae

The collab may have come as a surprise to many, but Glossier has always made it known that they’re huge dog lovers and their Instagram feed is all the proof you need.

Amidst the sea of aesthetically pleasing product shots, there are photos of cute pups in action and it’s the best thing ever.

Photo Credit: Screencap: @Glossier on Instagram

Coincidentally, the two brands’ headquarters within close proximity of each other in Manhattan; pushing the Glossier x BARK agenda even further.

“BARK’s offices are right around the corner from our NYC flagship and, after noticing what a popular and dog-friendly destination Glossier is, they were inspired to create two toys that pay homage to our bestselling Boy Brow and Balm Dotcom”, a Glossier representative said.

Glossier x Bark is sold out on and there are no talks of a restock (as of right now).

In the meantime, you can browse their other products that are just as cute and pawesome.

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