Applications For Hollywood’s New Hair-Hearthrob Are Now Open

Joe Kerry chopped off his glorious locks and the whole internet is in morning.

Photo Credit: Radio Times

He’s the man that made us fall in love with his gorgeous 80s mullet in Stranger Things, acting as the slightly older and loveable Steve Harrington, guiding the younger characters on the show. Now Daddy Steve has changed his look and left us wondering what he or his stylist were thinking.

Yes, hair grows back. And yes, his new haircut was revealed shortly after the release of some new music which may have inspired a fresh change in appearance.

All we’re asking here is: why the flat-choppy-bowl-cut-with-bangs look?!

Keery debuted the new look at a Chanel event in LA and has yet to make his own comment on it, but can bet the internet had a few things to say about. Some even drawing some scarily accurate comparisons to other recognisable faces.

Take a look at the some of the best reactions below:

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