Dream Dali Are Back With A Hypnotic New Track

Dream Dali are back with another new single, ‘Little Lights’, and a psychedelically hypnotic accompanying music video.

Imagine if Alice in Wonderland  was set in real life and Alice was having a really intense trip down the rabbit hole, seeing black and white dream-like images with a psychedelic melody in the background. Or don’t bother imagining it, just take a look at Dream Dali’s ‘Little Lights’, because that’s exactly what this track feels like.

Their surrealist vibe can be attributed to their namesake, Salvador Dali, otherwise known as a Spanish surrealist painter, which is clearly seen in their music video for the song through the use of Dadaist imagery. Dadaism, which was an art movement of the European avant-garde in the early 20th century was used to ridicule the ‘meaninglessness of the modern world’.

Hints and respective nods towards the movement are seen in the Little Lights video as we’re struck with flashing lights, out-of-context footage, and a strange eerie vibe. The main star of the show however, the actual song itself, works to heighten the supernatural sense of the video.

Lead vocalist, Aldous Emerson, told MusicFeeds: “’Little Lights’ comes from a personal experience in dealing with a challenging and dark time with a relationship. Lots of allegedly supernatural things were happening that caused a lot of issues with anxiety and trauma, but I always had hope. The ‘Little Lights’ are the hope.”

Photo Credit: Dream Dali

If Dream Dali are sounding a little familiar to you by now, it’s probably because they just played a killer show at Bigsound just a few short weeks ago in Brisbane. Not to mention having played individual shows for known names such as Vera Blue and Daniel Johns, and supporting other artists such as Washed Out and Empire of the Sun.

We’re going to keeping our eye on these guys, and we suggest you do too.

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