SnapInc Unveil New 3D Snap Filter For New iPhone Models

Snap Inc have announced a new selfie feature that will allow certain iPhone users to take 3D photos.

The new filter adds depth to each of the snaps taken, by capturing spatial detail that changes the perspective of each of the images. Snap Inc are also introducing 3D effects among the list of their filters and lenses.

The 3D options can be accessed on Snapchat by selecting the dropdown menu and clicking on 3D. Then you will be able to take some cool snaps. Snapchat clearly have found their market and continue to provide new lenses for their community. With Snap having 203M daily users, the company believes that 70% of those users use filters on a daily basis.

The 3D feature uses similar technology to their exclusive Spectacles 3, but utilizes the tech found in the iPhone X models and above. This means android products along with older generations of iPhones will not be able to use this filter. This is due to the tech that is available on the new iPhone models. Snap has not revealed if this will feature on Android Phones in the future.

The new 3D filters will begin rolling out on all capable devices this week.