YUNGBLUD Announces New EP And Drops Music Video

YUNGBLUD’s year keeps on getting better and better. The English musician has announced that his new EP, Underrated Youth is set to release on October 11.

CONTENT WARNING: The following music does contain gun violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Underrated Youth is YUNGBLUD’s follow up album to the universally praised 21st Century Liability, which released last year.

The EP will have 6 tracks, which includes, “hope for the Underrated youth”, and “parents”. The EP also boasts a feature with Imagine Dragons front man, Dan Reynolds. The full track list is as follows:

01. ‘braindead!’
02. ‘parents’
03. ‘original me’ featuring Dan Reynolds
04. ‘casual sabotage’
05. ‘hope for the underrated youth’
06. ‘waiting on the weekend’

Along with the announcement of his new EP, YUNGBLUD dropped a new music video for his track, “hope for the underrated youth”. The music video was filmed in Bulgaria and was directed by award winning film maker Andrew Sandler. The video follows YUNGBLUD and his group of outsiders, (the underreated youth), peacefully resisting the oppressive military forces that have pursued them and left the city in ruins.

“I wanted this project to amplify a world that is consumed with unjustified hate. A world, where the common denominator of my generation is the fight for hope, unity and the deep desire for equality. Our ideologies are colliding head on with the hate around us, but we are beating it with a bouquet of fucking flowers!” YUNGBLUD told universal.

YUNGBLUD’s Underrated Youth is set to be released on October 11.

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