Prada is Keeping it Simple

Head designer, Miuccia Prada, is bringing simplicity back into luxury. As a direct response to the excess and waste of the fashion industry, Prada is seeking to create clothes that last forever.

Source: AnOther magazine. Photography by Luisa Pagani

Miuccia Prada, the head of luxury brand Prada and its subsidiary, Miu Miu, is interested in style over fashion.

After this season’s show, Prada said,

“In this moment where there is excess and too much, and everybody is complaining that there’s too much fashion, too much clothes — I tried to work so that the person is more important than the clothes and the fashion.”

In order to address the disposable nature of modern fashion, Prada is focusing on simplicity rather than disposability.

“On one side, we want to save the planet and not consume and not spend, but then people won’t have jobs, they won’t have money, and then we’ll have to sell more again. It’s a giant political problem that everyone needs to address in their own way and through their own efforts.”

Of course, this is a bit rich coming from a literal billionaire.

However, it is emblematic of the shifting mood surrounding fashion in recent times. The pressure is rising for fashion labels to prove to consumers that they’re making their collections and brands more environmentally friendly. With 32 brands signing a pact last month, and Gucci just announcing that is has become carbon neutral, it has never been more important for brands to at least appear sustainable.

In the past year, Prada has banned fur from all of its collections. This November will mark the brand’s third annual sustainability conference.

Time will tell if all of this amounts to real change, or just more greenwashing.

Check out some of the new looks below:

Source: i-D. Photography by Mitchell Sams

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