Gigi Hadid Escorts Crasher Off Stage At Chanel SS20

A French YouTuber has crashed Chanel‘s Spring/Summer 2020 show in the Grand Palais and Victoria’s Secret model, Gigi Hadid took matters into her own hands.

Photo: Getty Images

The crasher, 28-year-old Marie S’Infiltre, whose real name is Marie Benoliel, is a comedian on YouTube with 227,000 subscribers and 197,000 followers on Instagram.

Dressed in a very Chanel-esque tweed ensemble, she got up from the crowd and climbed onto the Parisian-rooftops inspired set. With her hands propped on her hips, she turned her head in a swift motion and strutted her way down the runway – blending in a little too well, may I add.

As the models got into their final positions, attendees and security were left stunned as ballsy Hadid confronted the YouTuber and swiftly escorted her off stage. According to the Daily Mail, security had rushed to the stage to remove Benoliel but didn’t get there in time.

To no surprise, this wasn’t the first time Benoliel has crashed a show at Paris Fashion Week. Before Chanel, the YouTuber had crashed Etam’s show that same week but the response was different – models applauded her for her efforts.

Wasting no time, Benoliel took to her Instagram to boast about her 5 minutes of fame and reposted videos from numerous outlets that covered her stunt.

“You see, last week I did the Etam catwalk just like that, because I’ve always wanted to walk the runway. I found it a bit low end so I decided to face the best runway, Chanel.”

Nonetheless, the stunt or prank as they call it, has received mixed feelings by everyone. Some were sour about it, some found it iconic and others just found it as an opportunity to make memes.

We hate to admit it but we’re kind of curious about what antics Marie S’Infiltre will pull at the next Fashion Week.

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